New England’s Finest Dispensaries and Best Strains

New England is a large place. Consequently, that means there are many amazing marijuana dispensaries to choose from and a lot of good strains of marijuana to find and try. To select the best of the best there are many things to consider.

First and foremost, the number of strains and products a particular establishment has usually pushed it to the forefront of consideration. The more products an establishment has available, the more people they can help and serve.

The quality of the staff really sells an establishment. This has to be a place people will want to go for their supplies and to get information. If the staff that runs the establishment are not approachable and knowledgeable, the establishment will lose a lot of business.

Best Strains in the Region

Out of all of New England, some of the finest establishments are listed below along with some of the best strains in the region.

1. Berkshire Roots

501 Dalton Avenue
Pittsfield MA 01201

Berkshire Roots is known by its patrons as one of the largest growers of Cannabis in Western Massachusetts. It also has an extensive selection of strains for medical purposes and for adult recreational purposes. Their grow establishment is the largest in the Berkshires and have been proudly serving the region with quality products since 2018. They have over a dozen different strains of cannabis sourced from around the country and grown in-house to perfection.

2. Compassionate Care Foundation

100 Century Drive
Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234

Compassionate Care Foundation is a very good place to find knowledgeable staff and a host of strains of marijuana to help treat the patients that seek them out. They truly live up to their name of Compassionate Care because the people that work there make this establishment and they do care.

3. Full Bloom Cannabis

258 W Main St. #101
For Kent, ME 04743
[email protected]

Full Bloom Cannabis is known for the extremely large supply of cannabis products that are considered top-quality and for the amazingly friendly and knowledgeable staff. They are worth a visit for anyone who loves a comfortable atmosphere and good conversation.

4. Summit Medical Compassion Center

380 Jefferson Blvd. E2
Warwick, RI 02886

Summit Medical Center is a caring place where the patients come first. They are dedicated to improving their patient’s lives through safe alternative medicines. They are a good place to find the marijuana you need as well as make sure it is tailored to your illness as specifically as it can be. They have a wide of selection of medicines to try until you find what works for you.

When it comes to the strains of marijuana, what works best for one person does not necessarily work best for another. There many strains to try and forms with different amounts of marijuana in them. The below items are some of the best on the market and are highly rated for the enjoyable as well as what you get from it medically:

1. Chocolate Thai


This is a rare and delicious treat to enjoy. It is the Sativa landrace strain. It contains 15% of THC so while it is strong, it shouldn’t be too much to affect most people. It has a distinct taste of coffee and dark chocolate.

2. Trainwreck

This treat tastes of fresh lemons and pine combined with the same earthy aroma. It’s a powerful combination that comes on abruptly over the mind and body. It is a popular choice for treating pain, anxiety and other conditions.

3. Gorilla Glue #4

Gorilla Glue #4 is a hybrid of flower strains that is one of the most in-demand on the market. It induces feelings of relaxation and euphoria. It is largely covered in crystalline resin and tastes of spicy pine and smoke.

4. Bubba Kush

This big and chunky treat is sweet in flavor and colorful. It quickly causes heavy sedation over the body and helps relieve stress.

5. Jack here

Jack Herer (named after the cannabis activist) has flavors of wood, spices, and pine. If can cause a person who consumes it to feel blissful euphoria or bring on clear-headed creativity.

6. Critical Mass CBD


Critical Mass CBD is a specially-bred strain (Dinaefem Seeds) which gives the patient earthy flavors of menthol. It is used to treat pain, insomnia, depression, and anorexia.

7. Tangie


Tangie tastes of tangerines and oranges and is just as sweet. It provides a happy and relaxed feeling when consumed.

Marijuana dispensaries are there to help people get their medical relief. They provided the medicines many people need to treat their disorders and the strains or marijuana are growing and with each new one to hit the market more disorders are being treated by it. What makes all of this work for the individual is how well the strains treat the illness and the quality of the dispensary that dispenses it. You can read the full article of Veriheal here.

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