Edinburgh guest waiters

Hunt & Darton Cafe opens for business TODAY at 21 St. Mary’s Street, Edinburgh. Over the month, we will be joined by:


Richard DeDomenici

Sat 4th & Sun 5th 12-4

Richard DeDomenici makes use of conceptual art tactics in combination with an irreverent pop sensibility to critique and intervene in public behaviour and rhetoric. His work disturbs perceptions through humour and confrontation outside of normal spaces.

DeDomenici weaves unexpected connections between different states of ideas, happenstance and current affairs all around the world.

In 2011 he performed in Tokyo, New York, Amsterdam and Berlin. He was shortlisted for the Arts Foundation Fellowship, nominated for the Jerwood Trust Moving Image Prize, and was an Oxford Samuel Beckett Theatre Trust Award finalist. Embarrassingly he lost all three.

His 2012 show is called Popaganda.



Vicki Weitz

Tues 7th & Wed 8th 12-6

Tuesday 7th Aug: Right Now, I’m Feeling…

As well as asking what food you would like to order your waitress will also ask you how you are feeling, right now (a variety of options are available). A chance to pause, reflect and share.

Weds 8th Aug: The Elephant in the Room

What’s your Elephant in the Room (that thing you don’t talk about, try to ignore but find it’s still there in the corner)? You don’t need to share out loud (unless you want to), but write it down and post it in the actual Elephant in the Room.

Vicki Weitz is a performance artist, mother and clown from the East of England. She isn’t looking for anything new but would quite like to find out what makes you tick.


Abi Cunliffe

Thurs 9th 12-6

Singing Waitress


Caroline Wright

Fri 10th 12-6

Antidotes for the Lonely Diner

Eating on your own? Feeling uncomfortable at the opposite empty seat?

Antidotes for the Lonely Diner offers solace and strategies to make your eating experience less embarrassing. Connect to other diners and enjoy a new togetherness or simply immerse yourself in alternative solitude. Whether you are popping in for a quick drink or a substantial snack, you need never fear loneliness in the Hunt and Darton Cafe.


Ellie Harrison & Oliver Braid

Fri 10th 6-12 (and radio broadcasts Fri 17th and Fri 24th)

Every Friday lunchtime during the Edinburgh Art Festival, artists, friends and flatmates Ellie Harrison & Oliver Braid will be broadcasting their radio show live from the festival pavilion in Andrew Square.

Normally broadcast from their flat in Glasgow, the Ellie & Oliver Show is renowned for its informal and sometimes outrageous discussions exploring the philosophies that surround and inform its co-hosts everyday lives.

In anticipation of their waiter shift at the Hunt & Darton Cafe on the evening of Friday 10th August, café goers will be able to acquaint themselves with Ellie & Oliver as the café broadcasts their show live between 12:00-12:30 (and on the following Fridays 17th and 24th August).

Then on Friday 10th August, Ellie & Oliver will bring all the fun of the radio show to the cafe, as they play themselves playing waiters. Bickering, bossing, chatting, laughing and generally doing what they would do at home, they’ll chat to visitors, play music and offer opinions and advice on any topics or problems they may like to discuss.



Andy Field

Sat 11th 12-6

I’m the co-director of Forest Fringe and at the festival this year we’re doing a project called Paper Stages, a book of event scores that you can only get a copy of by committing an hour of your time to help somebody else. The project is being hosted by the Hunt & Darton Cafe. In keeping with the theme of the book I will be creating bespoke Fluxus-style event scores for all the customers in the cafe. Each score will be a completely original artwork, written in biro on the back of your receipt.


Eilidh MacAskill

Sun 12th 12-6

CPD: Cafe-based Professional Development

I can’t always commit to or afford an office, studio or rehearsal space, but I always need coffee (and sometimes a scone). For me, cafe time is work time: doing some top-notch thinking, talking up ideas into concepts, sharing knowledge. For my Artist-Waiter shift, I’ll ask customers to assist me in an artistic audit of my creative outputs in return for swift service and optional creative advice.

Eilidh MacAskill is a Glasgow-based live artist creating unique work in a wide variety of contexts. She is also one half of Fish & Game. www.fishandgame.org.uk


Dot Howard & Holly Bodmer

Sun 12th from 7

My Champion Heartache


Ant Roberts

Tuesday 14th 12-6

Half Man, Half Woman


Tom Marshman

Weds 15th & Fri 17th 12-6

I think you can tell a lot by the way someone drinks their tea… I have been reading a book called Tea Leaf Reading for Beginners and think there might be something in it. So I want to help you predict your future. Will you find true love? Will you get that promotion you so want or will someone buy you your favourite object of desire? We can do on the spot character assessments, plus you get to have a cup of tea and a sit down.


Low Profile

Thurs 16th 12-6

Inspired by a ‘Asparamancer’ who has made successful predictions using asparagus to predict the future, LOW PROFIE have developed their own fortune telling technique, combining the practice of i ching with ‘asparamancing’ to provide a winning combination.

For Hunt & Darton Cafe LOW PROFILE offer a free ‘Aspara’chin’ service to cafe customers, helping them to make important decisions about what to have for lunch, which sweet snack to try and whether or not to leave a tip.

LOW PROFILE are Rachel Dobbs and Hannah Jones. They have been working together since 2003 to make live art and associated ephemera. They are based in Plymouth, UK.



Chris Thorpe

Sat 18th 12-6

Chris Thorpe will be serving tea and telling stories about the countries of the world. Pick a country, any country and he will tell you a true story about it, taken from the research for Third Angel’s What I Heard About The World.

He also listen to terrible confessions and can tell longer stories about personal disasters on request.

Or if you just fancy a chat, go for it.


Bryony Kimmings

Sun 19th 6-12pm

Operation Narcissus Radio

Bryony Kimmings will pop by on her fleeting visit to the ‘burg to run her online radio station Operation Narcissus from the cafe for one evening only! Expect live interviews with lots of arty types, silly music, funny games, story telling and singing. If you like Kraftwerk, Kylie and Kimmings this is the kinda evening for you. Special Guests to be announced.


Rosana Cade

Weds 22nd 12-6


Potato on a String, Pineapple-Pineapple, Tip-It… All the well-known family classics!

Rosana will be inviting you to choose from her sumptuous menu of food related games that have been passed down, squabbled over, played and replayed through generations of her family, and that ultimately shape her idea of what makes a proper-family-mealtime-get-together. You will have the chance to join her for a game, and to add to her repertoire by sharing some of your own family’s mealtime traditions.



Weds 22nd 8-12

Scottee is a 26-year-old performer, director and writer from Kentish Town. He has performed at some of the world’s most prestigious galleries & theatres including: Barbican, Tate Britain & Modern, Roundhouse, ICA, Royal Festival Hall and Royal Opera House. As well as gracing the pages of Guardian, Dazed & Confused, Independent, i-D, W and Sunday Times Style, he was also included in i-D magazine’s portraits by Nick Knight, won the title of Time Out Performer of 2010 and grabbed the covers of both Time Out London & Independent on Sunday in 2011.


Richard Layzell

Sat 25th 6-12 & Sun 26th 12-6

Immaculate Service

Richard Layzell will be greeting and serving customers in French, Chinese, English and Chinglish, employing the full range of his outstanding communication and customer relationsip skills.

He says: “Once people enter that door, step over the threshold of the Hunt and Darton Cafe, they’re mine absolutely and our time together will be unforgettable.”

Layzell is also known for his innovative fork techniques and as inventor of the Tamboola, which he will be bringing to Edinburgh,

He is one of the UK’s most experienced and celebrated performance artists “one of the best artists working in Britain today” and is the author of Enhanced Performance and Cream Pages.

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